Without music, LIFE would be a mistake
~ Friedrich Niezsche

Stay Strong, Stay Hungry & Remember No One Gets Out Alive.

Life at last • March 18th 2022 • Creekside Theatre

We are happy to finally be playing live once again. This time we've invited our friends in Uncle Becky to join us on the Creekside Theatre in Lake Country, BC. • MORE INFO HERE

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Debut Single 'Walk My Way' · Out Now!

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March 18, 2022

Creekside Theatre

with guests Uncle Becky / Kat Lawrence

Time to meet LIFE...

Life the band is much like it’s meaning….made up of small parts that complete a picture or idea.

Now don’t get me wrong it’s not as serious as that but they take their music just as seriously as their sense of humor & talents.

Rock, that’s it. It’s all based on the best of yesterday and today. Life has not forgotten their roots but they are not pulled down by them either. Willing to experiment and bend the edges of the rock realm, they stand strong with their ability to write, create and tell good rock stories and memorable songs.

Just as with Life itself, you need to complete many sides of the same puzzle. Life is an experience, not ‘like no other’ like so many seem to claim but solid, tight and powerful. Having come through many obstacles such as Jeff (Drummer) being paralyzed from the chest down in a motorcycle accident, that does not stop the love for creating and performing music, they simply just find a way. Tenacity, dedication and drive are the mantra for LIFE.

LIFE recently completed a Debut 5 song EP mastered by Brian Lucey (Magic Garden - LA) and self Recorded, Produced & Written by vocalist John Buck but as with everything else was put on hold due to Covid-19 in 2020. Now that things have found ‘normal’ it’s time for release (scheduled Summer/Fall 2020).

So just as we all get back to our normal lives as much as we can so too will LIFE. When we can we will see you on the road! Until then watch/follow/listen all our social Media platforms and Streaming networks for future releases this year!

Stay Strong, Stay Hungry and remember no one gets out alive!

John → Voice & Guitar

Jeff → Drums

Shawn → Bass & Back Ups

Brian → Guitar & Back Ups

Life News

27 Nov

What’s Up? The Local Music Scene Episode #9 on K96.3 and Gonzo Okanagan

When they were 21, Jeff (the drummer) broke his back in a dirt bike accident, paralyzing him from the chest down but with perseverance, re-inventing the kit and a new playing technique and re-taught himself to play in a new way and now plays better than ever.

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6 Aug

LIFE Live!

Music is best served Live. I think someone famous must have said that, so I guess it’s true.

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13 Aug

Cleaning up in the music biz

Musicians are, by definition, creativepeople. And creative people act fast and obsessively on their art.

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10 Aug

Hello Everyone!

Since we can’t do much work on stage, we’vebeen doing work on-line – Welcome to the New Website!

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