What’s Up? The Local Music Scene Episode #9 on K96.3 and Gonzo Okanagan

November 27, 2020

Special thanks to Brad Krauza and the team for doing this!

When they were 21, Jeff (the drummer) broke his back in a dirt bike accident, paralyzing him from the chest down but with perseverance, re-inventing the kit and a new playing technique and re-taught himself  to play in a new way and now plays better than ever.

read the full interview here - https://gonzookanagan.com/whats-up-the-local-music-scene-episode-featuring-life-steve-soucy/?fbclid=IwAR0WxAy84CEsw_BkfWR2-oYL4Kp7h5nuvOfP1f9PPNh4V3FC3XIqPhKDLs0

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