August 10, 2020

Hello Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

Since we can’t do much work on stage, we’vebeen doing work on-line – Welcome to the New Website!

We hope you like it as much as we do. It’s a100% fresh-out-of-the-bag, ultra-modernistic coolio portfolio. Its got style,it’s got flare and you don’t need pants to go there! Chock full of goodness with new artwork, new photos, videos, music and new ways to interact and communicate. We even have a new domain! But of course…you’re here, so you probably know that…  Yup, we are no longer “life-purerock”, we are simply “”.




….and we’d like to thank Art from BandBrand/Art Szabo Creative for making this all sofine.

It was a heck of a process – so many choices with a blank slate in front of you. All Imagination from there, kind of like putting songs together, but…...different(there it is…).

 So Have a look around, check out a vid or some photos,  make contact, add to a discussion…let us know what you think (we always love to hear from you)  

And come back soon! There will be more things and more stuff added all the time…

Thanks for tuning in!