August 13, 2020

Cleaning up in the music biz

Cleaning up in the music biz

Musicians are, by definition, creativepeople. And creative people act fast and obsessively on their art. Because of that single-minded drive and focus, they don’t always have the time, or even think of “cleaning up”, or “personal hygiene”. Or maybe they are lazy….  Either way, because of our world situation,we’ve realized that cleanliness is indeed next to Lemmy-ness.  So a while back, we decided to pass on some wondrous info on how to be clean AND healthy, and we did it by putting a twist on our up-coming song release. We made a “home-schooled” video and put the pieces together into what we have here. The distance part was easy, as we don’t really like each other anyway – pretty good system, really…. (Kidding, we are the best of buds, cronies, cohorts, allies, amigos, comrades…..ok, pointmade…)

We had a really good time making it, tho,even while separated. Most of the time, except for practicing (wait, whatnow??), bands do things together – the joy of being in a band. So it was odd at first, doing your parts by yourself, or to recordings and videos of your buds,but we kinda got the hang of it and it was a blast. LIFE is made by new experiences….

So have a look and see what we came up with. Did any of you out there do something similar? Love to see it…

Thanks for reading and come back soon